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Auburn Hills is a metropolitan area of Detroit that has all the character of the surrounding area with a luxurious touch. You’ll find upscale restaurants to have an unforgettable dining experience, premium shopping outlets like Great Lakes Crossing, sporting events, as well as beautiful scenery. With all of these entertaining activities, you’ll never find yourself bored while you’re in the Auburn Hills area. While you’re here, make your experience here an unforgettable one with transportation that exceeds your expectations!

Auburn Hills Limousine is here to offer you a marvelous fleet of limousines and party buses to take you around Auburn Hills and the surrounding areas in style. We love our business, and we’re happy to take you wherever you may need to go, whether you’re following a strict schedule or you’re open to suggestions. Our chauffeurs know the best routes and where the hot spots are every night to get you and your party where you need to go safely and on time.

We're excellent at providing transportation to local events such as Summerfest, and we have years of experience at local wedding venues such as Noah's. Whether it's an elegant wedding or a bar hopping trip to spots like Duffy's Pub and Red Ox Tavern, you can trust in our well earned reputation as one of the best. If you’re calling to ask more about our vehicles, or you’re reserving a vehicle, you’ll notice that our customer service offers something more than other companies, which is remarkable kindness. We’re proud of our amazing employees! They work hard behind the scenes to bring you a safe, affordable service.

The benefits of using our transportation are plentiful. Too often, get togethers are wholly inconvenienced by traffic, finding directions, construction, and the task of finding a sober driver at the end of the night. With Auburn Hills Limo, all of these problems instantly vanish! Take a look at our website and look at the party bus and limousines we offer. If you’re ready to book with us today, or you just want to learn a little more about our vehicles, you can call or email us at any time. We love to speak with you!

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12 Passenger Limo

For a smaller party bus at an economical price you’ll be sure to love, this party bus is a fantastic choice for any event! Customers love that it's the perfect size for an intimate get together.


20 Passenger Limo

If you’re looking for a midsize limousine that’s great for all kinds of events, you’ve come to the right place! This option has a polished exterior that looks great on the road.


28 Passenger Party Bus

Are you ready to party like you’ve never partied before? This party bus is our largest offering, and our most popular! Invite all of your friends and get ready to have an amazing time.


35 Passenger Party Bus

What a bus! This newly renovated party bus is a wonderful addition to our fleet. The modern amenities and sophisticated design are sure to have you mesmerized through the celebration.